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07 Dash.jpg
Dashboard126 viewsSince the dash was made of fiberglass, it was a simple matter to fill in and cut new holes for the EV gauges and A/C vents.
09 .jpg
Interior - rear109 viewsSeat covers were custom made with the lightning bolt to tie in with the EV theme of the car. Three-point seat belts were installed for improved safety.
10 LCD.jpg
Rear view monitor110 viewsA 5.6" LCD monitor is mounted on the dash for the rear camera to take the place of a rearview mirror.
Motor and Tranny.jpg
Motor and Tranny139 viewsThis shot taken just before the motor and transmission went into my truck!
08 Front bracket.jpg
Front battery support bracket158 viewsThere was just enough room in the front for four of the traction batteries. This bracket was bolted to the old gas tank mounting points and the lower part of the chassis.
19 Opened up.jpg
Is it a Transformer?208 viewsThe car body opens up so I can access all EV components (including batteries) for easier maintenance and troubleshooting.
02 before painting.jpg
Body work done139 viewsAfter the four layers of paint was removed and body repairs and modifications were complete, the car was ready for primer. Note how well the Chevy Yukon headlights and Jeep CJ turn signals fit the front bumper.

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Reduction drive Douglass E2M 001.jpg
Reduction Drive Douglass E2M 001124 viewsThis is the 1.67 to 1 belt driven reduction drive that connects the motor to the transmission. Clutch is incorporatedJan 12, 2011
Friendswood car show Oct2010 - 01.jpg
Set up for the car show187 viewsI got a prime spot on the corner as visitors entered the area with the cars. Sometimes it pays to not be first to arrive.Oct 15, 2010
197 viewsAug 27, 2010
Old Town Spring.jpg
206 viewsAug 27, 2010
184 viewsAug 27, 2010
196 viewsAug 27, 2010
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