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Electric Vehicle Presentations by Industry Professionals

Electric Bus

Houston Metro's vision of the future to electric transportation

By: Lauren Cochran
Director of Innovation at Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County

Electric Car

Lumen Motors: Elegance in Engineering

By: Juan Gallegos, Founder and CEO & William Ashur Fields Co-Founder, CTO
Lumen's Vision and Oppurtunity: The Lumen Impero All-Electric Handcrafted Grand Tourer

Electric Airplanes

ARMD Transformative Aeronautics Concepts Program - SCEPTOR

Scalable Convergent Electric Propulsion Technology and Operations Research

By: Mark Moore (NASA LaRC) and Sean Clarke (NASA AFRC)

Aircraft Electric Propulsion Systems Applied Research at NASA

By: Sean Clarke (NASA AFRC)

Researchers at NASA are investigating the potential for electric propulsion systems to revolutionize the design of aircraft from the small-scale general aviation sec\ tor to commuter and transport-class vehicles. Electric propulsion provides new degrees of design freedom that may enable opportunities for tightly coupled design and optimization of the propulsion system with the aircraft structure and control systems. This could lead to extraordinary reductions in ownership and operating costs, greenhouse gas emissions, and noise annoyance levels. We are building testbeds, high-fidelity aircraft simulations, and the first highly distributed electric inhabited flight test vehicle to begin to explore these opportunities.

Sun Flyer: Aero Electric Aircraft Corporation

By: George E. Bye, CEO
The Vision: “Our goal in launching the Sun Flyer is to disrupt aviation with technology breakthroughs which achieve lower operating costs and enhanced safety by focusing on electric propulsion benefits.” George E. Bye, CEO

EV Activism

EV Activism in the Modern Era

By: George E. Bye, CEO
To get the word out to those in government, corporate America and to everyday people like you and me, we can't wait for some day. We must seize the day and make it our day and our time by staying EV strong and advocating a sustainable life through electric vehicles.

Charger / Controllers

Andromedapower Bi-directional CHAdeMO On-Board V2V Fast Charger

ORCA Inceptive is an On-Board fast charging station,designed in Italy and fully manufactured in the USA.

ORCA Inceptive is a “DC Level 3 Charger” for CHAdeMO equipped Electric Vehicles (EV), that delivers up to 50 kW output power.

Retail Electricity

Griddy - retail electricity product for the deregulated markets of Texas.

Griddy is the only company that gives you direct access to the real-time cost of electricity. Which means, Griddy is the only company to provide electricity when it is 0 cents / kWh or even negative. So if the price is right, you will get paid.

Club Presentation

Powering your Home with an EV

Mark Claussen - Storage and EV’s and the home

Mark presents a talk on how to design a home electric system that will allow you to power your home using your EV.

Plug-in Vehicles Sold in the U.S.

1 Million